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Scivone, LLC founded



July 22nd, 2009, Koichi Miyano of Interactive Media Design Lab, Graduate School of Information of Science, NAIST and Shoji Ohashi of Osamu Sakura Laboratory, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Science, The University of Tokyo have founded Scivone, LLC. Scivone will start business on September 1st, 2009.

Establishment Background

The Commodification of the Internet has revolutionized society and industrial structures, and the need for a true cross media design is as high as ever. With the introduction of highly advanced and affordable interactive devices such as the iPhone and Wii, attempts of discovering new horizons using these new interfaces is becoming a hot issue. There are revolutionary changes happening everyday in the world of Information Science and the Internet.

However change in the way people interact with the media has put a great strain on the content suppliers. Beneath the seemingly successful animation and fashion brands from Japan, also known as Cool Japan, is not as successful as it seems when seen from an economic perspective, although there have been some improvement in its income sources using Crunchyroll or iTunes Store, yet it has not been able to construct a new business model that can replace the current package business model.

The ever growing amount of information has put a strain on the receiving end which has risen as well. Combined with the inability of the market to construct a new content business model, reaching the desired content is difficult, and experiencing the media content communication brought by the cutting edge technology every day is still a rare experience. This is especially true for individuals trying to broadcast intellectual content at the private level.

Taking into account the current situation, Scivone LLC was founded to solve the gap between content suppliers and end users, to aid the creation of the foundations of the information society of the next generation.

Company Name

The company name "Scivone" was named by Mr. Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, CEO of Production I.G. It was derived from a Chinese term meaning "細鳳(small Phoenix)", which was the childhood name of the legendary kung-fu master Bruce Lee. In ancient China, the Phoenix was a bird that was linked to sages, and in the Christian world is the symbol for regeneration. Originally, the correct spelling for "Scivone" was "Sai fung", however, the Sai has been replaced by the sci of science, and the von by the von of John von Neumann, the father of modern computers. With the above in our heart, our company was named, our highest priority is to share the joy of intelectual creativity with all.

Business Description

iPhone applications, cross media projects, Leading edge interactive media technology such as AR(Augmented Reality), software and services that are optimized to the Internet and ubiquitous environment.

Company Info

Company Name SCIVONE, LLC
Foundation Date July 22nd 2009
Location 3-17-24-405, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Contact Information Tel/Fax. +81-422-24-8344(
Representatives CEO Koichi Miyano
CCO Shoji Ohashi
Managing partner Naoto Hayamizu
Capital 2,130,000Yen
Busniness Description
  • Planning, Production, Operation of Interactive Media Content
  • Planning, Production, Operation of Cross Media Content
  • Media Planning, Media Strategy Planning, Consulting

Our Mission

  • To create an opportunity for everyone to harness there thought and creativity.
  • To Respect the diversity of all mankind, cultures and nature.
  • To constantly challenge the possibilities of mankind's wisdom regardless of its domain.


Scivone, LLC
3-17-24-405, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi Tokyo
Tel/Fax. +81-422-24-8344

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