Sound Effects seem to lag in Music Alive.

Target App


Latest Update:2010年02月18日


There was a review that stated that sound effects where lagging, below are the current results of our research.


Although further research is being continued, we could not reproduce any lag that would be noticeable.

Possible Reasons

Some Sound Effects do not immediately hit there most noticeable cord since deleting its initial startup would ruin the effect.

Also please put in to count that the iPhone/iPodTouch uses a touch screen interface, and because of that some minimal lag will happen until the sensors pickup input, which will inevitably be slower that real life musical instruments.


Some people seem to be more sensitive to response time than others, please try tapping in advance to compensate for the lag.

If any defects on the program-side are found, or any technical tweaks that will make faster response time are made, they will be announced when implemented.