Business Discription

Scivone supplies software and services such as iPhone applications and other services which underline cross media designs and media planning services that combine cutting edge technologies such as AR(Augmented Reality), interactive devices, ubiquitous environment designs.

Web Services Design

Web based interactive systems such as SNS and CGM has introduced new ways of communication to the world. In the recent years, the Internet has gained a presence as the alternative to television, as the "window to the world", a new faucet for the mass.

At the same time, the Internet has a side that more closer to the people, which consists of countless clusters of small communities that reach into relationships offline as well. As the rise of the Digital native generation portrays, many people have altered there way of life by using these new outlets of information, forever changing there conception of the world.


By using the new featueres and advanced interface of the iPhone, the possibles of the content distribution and communications market has been renewed. Multi touch screens, speed sensors, GPS,P2P, digital compasses, wi-fi, and 3G all come together in the iPhone, creating a interactive environment never before seen.

Since the iPhone application market does not have any national boundaries, all applications can be supplied worldwide. If the need to target oversees users arises, Scivone has native speaking staff that will assists the project from the ground up, thus creating content that has far more value than just translated text.

At Scivone, not only do we create standalone iPhone applications of our own, but also do collaborative projects and deployment support. We also offer support for applications that use existing platforms to bridge differing media types, from web services to other interactive devices, or even paper media.


Information will be updated as soon as services and products are released.